Do I need to provide official identification document or my proof of residency?

Please provide Driver’s License or Passport or health insurance ID card as your identification documents.To confirmer your registered addres,copy of ecent utility bill or bank account statement or proof of address is necessary.


What is MAM account?

The MAM account associates the trading team 8 FOREX transactions . According to the balance,the 8 FOREX transactions are copied .You can also trade by yourself. 50% of trading profit will be deducted from account at end of month . If there is no profit in the end of the month ,you will not be deduct a percentage from a sum of money.


How long does a deposits take?

Please use this page as a reference。How can I Deposit?

How long does a withdrawals take?

Please use this page as a reference。How can I withdraw?

Please use this page as a reference、 you also can select a payment method of your preference on the deposit,

contact information is as follows:support@8maxtrading.com

Trading platforms

Can not log in.

To login to the 8MAX client zone,fill in the fields with ID you created the first time and the password you used during registration, Then, just fill in the RedBluesystems-RealSever to the server.

About us

Working hours

Ordinary:Working hours: 09:00 – 21:00 (Janpanese time). We are closed on Saturday,Sunday,and public holidays(Janpan、Vanuatu, the United States, Hong Kong)